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The comic of the future.

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Size: 44 page trade

Genre: Cyberpunk/ Post Apocalyptic

Release Date: Early 2021

Free Companion AR APP

Created by: Rob Shields

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NEON WASTELAND is an interactive animated cyberpunk comic book that uses augmented reality to create an immersive narrative experience unlike anything else. Speak with characters in the story, hack computers, unlock hidden pages and make decisions that change the story.



Neon Wasteland tells a story that crosses between two realities. The first is a simulated digital reality set in the year 1988. The second is wasteland Earth in the year 2088.  

In 1988,  RIN, a geisha bot forced to relive her own death endlessly, finds an unlikely companion in the Accelerator, a skull faced pizza delivery boy who drives a nuclear powered stainless steel sports car. If the two can learn to work together, they just might escape their digital prison and cross over into the real world.

In 2088, Rabbit, Brandy and their family of wasteland misfits known as the Gutter Punks prepare for Death Race '88.  When a group of undead mutant soldiers invade their village, the Gutter Punks must team up with arch rivals the Pixel Kids or die at the hands of the radioactive mutant horde.  

Which reality is the true reality? Things are not always what they seem. The deeper the story goes, the more each world begins to blend, not only with each other but with our own.

The follow up to the Auggie Nominated Neon Wasteland arrives on Kickstarter Tuesday August 25th 2020. The 44 page interactive comic comes with AR enabled prints, stickers, and clothing, a tie-in video game and a next gen AR app that features:

Neon Wasteland Vol 2

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 3D comic panels that act as windows into another world.


Environments that move when you tilt your phone.

Digital City 2.0 a new 3D city map with digital citizens.


Neon Wasteland the Game

Platforms: PC /Mobile

Status: Alpha demo included in Kickstarter

Genre: Rogue like, hack-n-slash, run-n-gun, bullet hell 

Releasing: when its ready

Neon Wasteland Vol 1


"It feels new and just, well, fun as hell!"

-Consuming Cyberpunk





Try it now

Download Neon Wasteland AR and point it at the below image to watch it come to live.  Then press the Wasteland Queen's face on your phone to open her mask!

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About the Author

Neon Wasteland is the first solo project from digital artist/designer Rob Shields. His work is inspired by 1980's Japanese cyberpunk, 80's and 90's brain freeze, graffiti, old school video games, VR, AR and everyone's best friend - the internet.